Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!!!!

Well today is the day when all the spooks and goblins and monsters get to come out and play for the day lol... I hope everyone has a safe and happy halloween. I will be taking my 3 youngest boys out trick or treating this I spent alot of money on costumes sheesh who knew it would be so expensive..

This year instead of my little pirate brigade I have Wolverine from X-men ( alas not the uber yummy Hugh Jackman), Spiderman ( Alas not Toby Mcguire either), and last but not least Darth Vader is making an appearance via my 6 year old hehehehe. So I have 2 superheros and a villan go figure. Anyway everyone be safe tonight.. I will try to get pics of the boys if I can convince my FIL to let me use his camera..

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