Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am soooooooo glad!!

That Christmas is over. This time of year and the month of October as well as April are very hard for me Since my son Alexander's death 2 years ago it has been very hard to cope at these times of year. My son was my best friend and I just miss him all the more especially at Christmas.
I didn't really get to much for Christmas. I received 50 dollars from my MIL & FIL, I received a 12 x 12 post bound scrap book and scrapfolio from my SIL & BIL and their children. I didn't receive anything from my husband or my children. But then again my 3 youngest children are under the age of 7 so it's to be expected.
Like I said I am just glad this holliday is over and I can get back to some sense of normalicy. Then my children can have their mother back to semi normal I guess.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Brrrrrrrr Baby it's cold outside

We are under a winter Storm watch actually I'm pretty sure the storm is here . Unfortunately for me I have to work ughhh! Today has started out pretty bad my 4 year old son Brian decided to head butt his 3 year brother and he ended up with a bloody nose. Brian was freaking out and just would not stop crying. Try telling a 4 year old to pinch his nose and hold it to stop the bleeding. Not blooming likely I had to have Brian lie in my lap to stop the bleeding lots of fun..

I have to go to my inlaws after work because Brian's birthday is Wednesday and we won't see them on his birthday because my husband works night shift. Oh well the boys will be happy to see their Oma and Opa. I just hope my FIl doesn't start his usual crap like he does he likes to piss me off to the extreme..

Anyway I have a blinkine now for my design team I still can't believe Terria picked me I'm in heaven I'm telling you.. I printed a copy of the letter she sent me about being part of the DT and I'm going to scrap it after all your only a DT virgin once and this is a momentous occasion for me.,.

Ok here's my blinkie let's see if it works

Tuesday, December 11, 2007


I received an email tooday that totally blew me away.. I have been asked to be a Design Team member of a new board. Please come and check out the fabulous up and coming place..

I am now a DT member of Concealed Beauty, Terria the owner and the other girls are just awesome.. So please come join us for a chat and show us your work We would love to have you join us there.

Here is the website URL

Tell them Janie Sent you.. Woohoooooo I am so oober excited and soooooooo honored to be chosen. I am just beyond words to experess how I feel right now..
My day started out ho hum and now it's da bomb man I can't wait to be part of this team wahooo.

Here is the DT I am part of

newest 2008 Team members:
Carla- ProximaHolly-
HollyJanie -
Kelly - The Savvy Scrapper
Lisa Marie - Lisamariemlt
Kasanda- Kasmello
Shannon- snichols

Congrats to us all Ladies wahoooooooo