Thursday, December 27, 2007

I am soooooooo glad!!

That Christmas is over. This time of year and the month of October as well as April are very hard for me Since my son Alexander's death 2 years ago it has been very hard to cope at these times of year. My son was my best friend and I just miss him all the more especially at Christmas.
I didn't really get to much for Christmas. I received 50 dollars from my MIL & FIL, I received a 12 x 12 post bound scrap book and scrapfolio from my SIL & BIL and their children. I didn't receive anything from my husband or my children. But then again my 3 youngest children are under the age of 7 so it's to be expected.
Like I said I am just glad this holliday is over and I can get back to some sense of normalicy. Then my children can have their mother back to semi normal I guess.

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