Monday, September 9, 2013

Happy September Everyone

I know I know I have been a bad blogger it's been forever and a day since I blogged. I have been bust attending school to obtain my Personal Support Worker Certification. I can honestly say the end is in sight I will be graduating October 22, 2013 so I am a happy camper.

So now on to more exciting news. For the months of September and October I have been asked to be the guest designer at Boys Rule Scrapbook Kits. I am so honored and excited to share with you my creations and the beautiful jammed packed kits these ladies put together.

I have a sneak peak of this awesome kit for you take a look

Now doesn't this kit look yummy? I get the extreme pleasure of playing with these goodies.... If you want more information on the kits and where to buy them make sure you go to
You can find all the information on these generous kits there.
Now on to my first project of my GDT term..
It's called  "Totally Awesome"
This is a photo of my 10 year old son on his first day of school this year. He asked me if I would use the glasses and the mustache on this layout I thought it was kind of cute. As you can see it certainly worked.
I have included a few up close shots of some of the embellishments

Thanks for stopping by today and allowing me to share my creation with you.

Monday, January 21, 2013

The beautiful Lyra

Happy Monday everyone today I start school and I am so excited so today I am going to share Lyra by Myka Jelina with you. When I received this image several months back I just fell in love with her. So I thought I would showcase her again. I used DCWV Rockstar stack since she is named after the harp she plays....
I thought this paper line would be perfect.

Isn't she beautiful? I hope you all have a great day and thanks for dropping by today.



Monday, January 14, 2013

Splish Splash

Happy Monday everyone I am going to show you a sweet stamp by the uber fabulous Maigan Lynn. This image is called Bubble Bath Fairy. I love this image it is so cute. I originally wanted to put the lyrics for that old Flintstones episode where the sing the Soft Soap Jingle well unfortunately no one has them so I have an alternative for you to enjoy today.

Splish splish, I was takin' a batj
Long about a Saturday night
A rub-a-dub, just relaxin' in the tub
Thinkin' everything was alright
Well, I stepped out the tub, put my feet on the floor
I wrapped the towel around me and I
Opened the door, and then I
Splish, splash... I jumped back in the bath.
Well how was I to know there was a party going on?

They was a-splishin' and a'splashin'
Reelin' with the feelin', movin' and a'groovin'
Rockin' and a'rollin', yeah

Bing bang, I saw the whole gang
Dancin' on my living room rug, yeah!
Flip flop, they was donin' the bop
All the teens had the dancin'
But there was lollipop with a Peggy Sue
Good Golly, Miss Mally was-a even there, too!
A- well-a, splish splash, I forgot about the bath
I went and put my dancin' shoes on, yay...

I was a rollin' and a strollin', reelin' with the feelin',
Moving and a groovin', splishin' and a splashin', yeah!

Yes, I was a-splishin'' and a splashin'...
I was a-rollin' and a-strollin'...

Yeah, I was a-movin' and a-groovin'
We was a-reelin' with the feelin'
We was a-rollin' and a-strollin'
Movin' with the groovin' splish splash, yeah!

I hope you have a wonderful Monday

Hugs Janie

Monday, January 7, 2013

It's a New Year

Hello everyone sorry i haven't posted in a while I apologize for that. I have been busy and with the holidays now over things can get back to normal.

I can't wait til January 21.... I start school again I'm going to become a Personal Support Worker I am so looking forward to that.

I will be posting some new projects in the next couple of days in the mean time here a couple of ones I did in the past month or so...