Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wow New Year

Where has the time gone... I have been a really bad blogger, I have not kept up with my blogging like I should. I just haven't had any mojo or get up and go for quite some time. But i think I have licked that problem in one week I created 2 layouts and i am going to share them with you now.

The first one is called

Angel? Yeah Right!

This is my youngest son Christopher when he was a baby and i gave him Nutella to eat he did what most kids do... He painted himself...

The second layout I am going to share is called


This is my 10 year son when he was a baby I just love his flyaway funky monkey hair isn't he cute?

Thanks for taking a look at my creations and allowing me to prattle on. I do appologize for not being a more diligent blogger but i will try to remedy that asap. Maybe I will update more often while I am at work like I am now. Well enjoy the rest of your Wednesday



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