Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Design Team Call-2008

This is for a Board I am a moderator on

Priceless Scrapbooks currently has several Design team member opportunities available. We are looking for individuals who can and will meet deadlines, are creative, enjoy being on a message board and contributing to a team environment. REQUIREMENTS
1. Our Design Team members will be asked to: Commit to a 6-month term to start. After the 6 month term has commenced, the current members will have an option to remain on the DT team pending performance in the current term, and at the discresion of the Site Administrators and the Company in which you will design for. (Hence, we want to keep our cream of the crop and add to it!)
2. Design either layouts, cards, altered items based on your monthly assignment as instructed by the Company Representative, Site Admin and/or DT Coordinator.
3. The projects you create each month will be used to showcase manufacturer products, in our galleries, in our monthly newsletter, and in other promotions as desired. The monthly kit you receive will be sponsored by a specific company and we appreciate any positive advertising that company receives.
4. You will also be required to participate by completing a class, creating challenges, be active in crops (thus meaning being there during the crop every other month), actively comment/chat/encourage, etc on message board.
5. Post question/poll threads (LOTD, QOTD, etc/ if applicable) in the daily forum and create a monthly contest challenge on a rotation with other design team members.
6. You will also be required to contribute to a monthly newsletter (rotation basis not every month) an article, tips/technique, pick and highlight a member from our message board, etc.
7. Post additional projects in their own personal design team gallery.
8. Participate in forum discussions on a daily basis to help facilitate the growth of our online community. The community involvement is very important to us here at Priceless Scrapbooks, so we ask that each member try their best to devote time to our forum and gallery every day.
9. It is your message board as a design team. We ask you to watch for negative comments, spammers, etc and alert either the Site Administrator or the Assistant Site Admin/ Coordinator. 10. Promote Priceless Scrapbooks to friends, family, and colleagues to help facilitate the growth of our online store, our newsletter registration, our gallery and our forum.
PLEASE EMAIL THE FOLLOWING TO ME NO LATER THAN MIDNIGHT FEBRUARY 23, 2008. THE NEW DESIGN TEAM WILL BE ANNOUNCED ON THE SITE ON MONDAY FEBRUARY 25, 2008. THE EMAIL ADDRESS IS: OWNEDBYSHIHTZUS@AOL.COM. All of your projects should for this DT call should be newly created. To apply, please complete the following steps: ** Please email Kenzie with attachments of the following: 2 of your best layouts showing YOUR UNIQUE STYLE ***one layout must be about you. Tell us who you are! 1 of your best cards showing YOUR UNIQUE STYLE ***this must be a valentine card 1 Altered Item And tell us: What is your unique Scrapping Style? Describe it. AND **Please email Kenzie with your answers to the following questions at: **
I. Why do you think you would make a good fit for Priceless Scrapbooks?
a. Why do you want the position? What about the position entices you the most?
b. What can you offer to Priceless Scrapbooks as the DT Member? Be creative.
c. How often are you online?
d. Show me your creativity. List one new idea for the site and tell me a little about it.
II Past Experience?
a. Do you have any prior experience as a design team member, or coordinator? Give examples of a frustrating situation and a rewarding situation?
b. Do you have computer knowledge? How well do you know a computer? Give examples.
III. Are you committed currently to other sites/blogs/stores?
a. What level of commitment is at those sites?
b. Do you feel it will affect your commitment to Priceless Scrapbooks?
IV. Why do you scrapbook?
a. Give me three reasons on why you scrapbook?
b. Do you want to be known in the scrapbooking industry?
c. Where do you mostly scrapbook? At home, with friends, weekend retreats, etc?
d. Do you attend CKUs, or other similar events? P
lease link me to your blog, your work, scrapbook resume, or whatever you have Priceless Scrapbooks does not mind you being on other DT’s however, we do expect you to fulfill your requirements with Priceless Scrapbooks. You will be required to sign a 6 month contract, to start.

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