Friday, January 18, 2008

Today is the Day!!!

Well I start my new job today and I am excited about it which is cool hopefully this company will pay me on time so I don't have to hunt them down.. Well at least I love their chicken yes that's right I'm working in a chicken restaurant and they make fabulous chicken!!!

My children today are being their typical brattiness, they are not listening to mom and not letting dad sleep in so he can have some rest before he has to watch them.. Daddy got off of work at 7:00 am so I need him rested somewhat before I got to work so my children don't take advantage of him if he falls asleep. The last time they did they got into my paint and diamond glaze and modge podge, and the painted my couch my computer and monitor and desk I was sooooooo mad..

Well they better not get into my scrap stuff this time lol..


Amooretto said...

Good luck w/ your new job! Hope your hubby gets some rest and your Mod Podge stays closed! ;)

michele said...

good luck miss janie!!

how did it go??